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What's been working this week.

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Well you wouldn't Adam and Eve it.

The good old classic cedar plug has been getting plenty of action.

These old timers lures are often overlooked because quite frankly they look un inviting compared to the colourfull skirted lures most fishermen are drawn to.

What makes these lures so attractive to fish, it's just a piece of wood for gods sake.

Well let me tell you there is no other lures that have a swimming action like a cedar plug.

The S type beating tail action of these plugs drives Tuna crazy, imitating a swimming fish.

But it's got no colour you may say.

Well it's the silhouette that the fish see not the colour. And the size mimics that of baitfish tuna often feed on.

So guys and girls, if you want a cheap no nonsense lure that stands up to fish after fish give them a go.

Old skool is the new skool.

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28 nov 2023

We used cedar plugs on Ascension Island to great success.

Mi piace
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