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Epic experience on board with Ian. We caught far more fish than I expected and the whole trip went super smoothly. He knew exactly what he was upto and super easy to get along with. Highly recommend his Fishing Charter and Electric Bike Hireage.

Ethan Hogarth

Great Charter. Put me on the fish every day. Great operator of his boat. Will never forget this week mate.

Shane London.

We had a great time fishing with Sea Turtle Charters. Went out three times and each time had some catch. Ian's expertise in taking us to the areas where there was likely to be some fish produced enjoyable fishing. I wanted to catch a Wahoo on our fishing trip and I did. I really caught a Wahoo of 29kg. So excited when i saw my catch I couldn't believe how big it was. We will go fishing again with Sea Turtle Charters.  Ian, I want to catch a Marlin next time.

Ellen Millar.


Best day fishing ever. The big one got away but we got four Yellowfin Tuna. Just had some of it for tea. It was beautiful. Ian was full of local knowledge and great advice, and best of all we saw a few whales too. Fabulous. Thank you so much.

Linda Stronach.

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